The hall is available for hire to local community groups and local residents. Outside groups or individuals may be approved under specific conditions.

There are currently no kitchen facilities available and the Kindergarten garden is not considered part of the hall hire however there are chairs and trestle tables available.

A liquor licence is required if you are planning to sell and consume alcohol.

While the COVID restrictions are in place there is a limit on the number of people using the hall.  Also there is a COVID Safe plan in place and for any events a COVID Marshall must be in attendance.

For further information please contact the Hall Convenors at:


Hire – up to 2 hours


Hire – half day


Hire – daily rate (depending on function)


Hire – including set up and clean up days

$300 (3 days)

Hire – local not for profit clubs (meetings)


Security bond for social events


Deposit to secure booking


Insurance – if no public liability is held


Community Hall Hire Form

Conditions for Hire of Hall

1. Schedule of Charges

Category Charge
Social Events $150
Local Clubs and Societies $20
Security Bond (for Social Events) $400
(Any waiver to this Security Bond charge is subject to a risk assessment by the Committee)
Deposit (for Social Events) $75

Risk Management Fee $15

2. Use of the Hall

The Hall is available for hire until 11pm on weeknights and 1:00am on weekends. Functions involving music and the consumption of alcohol must stop an hour beforehand to reduce disturbance to neighboring residents and to allow time for cleaning up. (For example 12 midnight on weekends and 10pm on weeknights). The premises will not be available for hire on New Years Eve or Good Friday.

Smoking inside the building is not permitted.

3. Casual Hire Payments and Approvals

Casual hire may be secured by completing and forwarding an Application for Hire and gaining the approval of the Clarendon Community Association (CCA) according to the terms and conditions set out by the CCA.

No cost will be charged for making an Application for Hire, and Applications will be considered by the CCA in the order they are received.

To secure a booking of the Hall, the intending Hirer may be required to pay a deposit of $75 within seven days of being notified by the CCA that their Application for Hire has been approved (this notice by the CCA may either by phone call or in writing). Half of the deposit ($35) will be refunded in the event that the approved Hirer cancels their booking of the Hall by written advice to the CCA at least 14 days prior to the date of the approved hire.

Cancellations notified less than 14 days from the approved hire date will result in the full forfeiture of the deposit (i.e. no refund will be paid).

If the bond, as set out in the ‘Schedule of Charges,’ is required for casual hire, it must be paid by the approved Hirer to the CCA a minimum of seven days prior to the date of hire. The bond will be refunded in full the week following the function providing the hire of the hall proceeds as per the Application for Hire and all the terms and conditions attached to the approval granted for hire. This includes, among other things, making sure that:

(a) the premises, furniture, fittings etc are not damaged;

(b) the premises and car park are in a left clean and tidy condition to the satisfaction of the Hall Booking Officer and CCA’s nominated cleaner;

(c) the keys for the premises have been returned.

Where any of these requirements are not met, the CCA will, in its absolute discretion, retain part or whole of the security bond to reimburse the CCA for cost or inconvenience according to the extent considered reasonable by the CCA. Notwithstanding the payment of the bond, the Hirer will be fully responsible for, and reimburse CCA for, all damages sustained to the premises, adjoining garden areas, car park and Kindergarten facilities in order to return the facility to its original condition at the time when it was handed over for hire. This includes all fixtures and fittings, furniture and equipment.

The Hirer is responsible for leaving the whole premises clean including all rooms used, kitchen, toilets, and barbecue area. Function Hirers are advised to confirm with their caterers as to what cleaning the caterer will carry out on behalf of the Hirer.

Application Forms for Hire will be provided on request.
The payment of fees / charges can be forwarded to

Booking Officer (See bottom of page)
Clarendon Community Association
Post Office Box 69
Clarendon SA 5157
FAX 8383 6647

OR Clarendon Community Association
BSB 105 078 (BankSA)
Account 306 903 340


4. Public Liability Insurance

Apart from any public liability insurance the CCA may hold for its own purpose, the Hirer is required to have their own separate public liability insurance to cover the full range of activity on the site of the premises during the period of hire.

Private individuals and small non-incorporated groups who do not have their own public liability insurance need to pay the $15 Risk Management Administration Fee. They will then be deemed to be covered by the “ad hoc or occasional hirers” Public Liability Insurance Policy facilitated by the Onkaparinga Council.

This provides an indemnity cover of $10 million.

Businesses, Statuatory and Incorporated Bodies are not eligible to access this policy and need to arrange their own public liability cover.

The CCA will assume no responsibility for checking or advising on the adequacy of the cover procured or held by the Hirer, as this remains the sole responsibility of the Hirer.

5. Key Deposit, Collection and Responsibility

Keys are collected from the Clarendon General Store – Main Street (Grants Gully Road) Clarendon SA 5157 during opening hours 7.30am – 6 pm on weekdays and 5pm on Saturday, either prior to or on the date of hire. The key must be returned the next working day after the date of hire for the security bond to be returned.

Where the key has not been collected and an emergency/after hour service is required to open the Hall – a $50 call out fee will be incurred, deductible from the security bond.

Regular Hirers may retain the keys only by prior arrangement with the CCA booking officer. The key at all times remains the property of the CCA and if lost, must be reported to the CCA. The cost of re-keying and issuing new keys to all other key-holders will be borne by the Hirer.

6. Hall Access

Setting up and cleaning up of the Hall is the responsibility of the Hirer and must be undertaken during the hours of hire. The premises must be cleaned up and tidied up to their pre-hire condition. All items brought in by the Hirer must be removed and the Hall vacated on the same day/night of hire. No cleaning or returning of the premises to their pre-hire condition shall be left till the following day unless by prior arrangement with the booking officer.

A map of the Hall’s location is available on request. Parking is available in the CCA Car Park.

7. Types of Functions

The type of function must be advised via the Application for Hire. The CCA reserves the right to refuse or cancel any function believed to be inappropriate use of the premises. “Buck’s/Hen’s” type of functions are not permitted in these premises. If the Hall is used for a function other than specified on the Application for Hire, the Bond will be forfeited.

8. Facilities

The Hall is wheelchair accessible. The toilets are accessible with walking frame but not wheelchair.
The Hall has the Main Hall area, complete with stage, storage room, small kitchen and outside toilets. Some crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils are available. Urns and kettles are provided. Other facilities available are a piano, tables and chairs and heaters.

Refer to Schedule for other facilities available.

The Hall operates primarily as a community facility and access by a range of groups and individuals is encouraged.

The Hirer should ensure that the facility is fit for their intended purpose and that they report anything they consider unsafe or unsatisfactory to the booking officer.

9. Centre Capacity

The Clarendon Community Association Hall is restricted by State Government legislation which limits the number of persons permitted in the Hall to 100.

10. Alcoholic Beverages

If alcoholic beverages are to be sold or consumed on the premises, the appropriate license must be obtained. This is the responsibility of the Hirer. Such license must be made available to any Officer of the Law upon request, during the time of the function. Please contact the Liquor Licensing Commission for further details.

Where a liquor license is required, the Hirer shall forward a copy of the license to the booking officer upon or prior to the payment of the security bond. The CCA reserves the right to cancel the booking, refunding any security bond paid but retaining the full amount of the deposit ($120), if a liquor license is required by no copy of the same is produced by the Hirer prior to the date of hire.

11. Care and Maintenance of the Premises

Rooms and spaces are to be left in a clean and tidy condition with chairs stacked and foldaway tables placed inside the storage area. Pews are to be lined up against the walls of the main hall.

The Hirer shall ensure that when the last persons to leave the premises:

  • All external doors are locked;

  • All windows are shut and secured; and

  • All lights, heaters and appliances are turned off (except the refrigerator).

It is the Hirer’s responsibility to see that the premises are secured whilst in attendance, and when leaving the Hall. Breaches of any of these conditions may result in forfeiture of the security bond or termination of use of the facility.

12. Emergencies

At all times during the function, “EXIT” doors must be kept clear and remain unlocked. Please observe the locations of extinguishers and the instructions displayed on them for their use.

For emergencies requiring the attendance of the CCA booking officer or their nominee, please refer to the contact numbers provided in your booking confirmation.

The Hirer shall be responsible for effective evacuation into the Carpark in the event of an emergency during the period of hire.

13. Security Guards
It is strongly recommended that Security Guards be engaged for all private functions involving 16 to 30 year-olds. One security guard is required for every 50 people.
An application form for Titanium Security is available on request from the Hall Booking Officer.

14. General Information

The ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION AUTHORITY prescribes maximum permissible noise levels for various types of premises. Legislation provides for heavy penalties (up to $5,000.00) for failure to comply with statutory requirements relating to excessive noise.

Hirers are personally responsible to see that no breach of the MUSIC or BROADCASTING COPYRIGHT ACT takes place on Council property.

15. General Conditions

a) The CONTROL of the Community Hall is vested with the Community Hall Association Committee or nominee who reserves the right to vary the conditions of hire at their discretion.

b) CONFETTI, ADHESIVE TAPE, NAILS, TACKS OR such like shall not be used except with prior permission.

c) ELECTRIC INSTALLATIONS are not to be interfered with.

d) The Hirer shall be responsible for the loss of any FURNITURE OR FURNISHINGS and for the cost of replacing or repairing any damage done to the furniture, furnishings or any part of the premises, for the time the hirer or his/her employees, helpers or agents commence to use the same until the expiration of the hiring.

e) CCA accepts no responsibility for loss or damage which may occur to the Hirers’ goods or equipment during the period that such goods or equipment are lodged in the hired premises or anywhere upon CCA property.

f) SUBLETTING of the hall or part thereof is prohibited.

g) ADVERTISING on or in the building is not permitted except with prior written approval.

h) HIRERS at all times are subject to the direction of the CCA booking officer or other nominee of the CCA.

The Hall Booking Officer's are:
Helen Ashenden & Pru Fowles