CCA Minutes August 2022

Committee Meeting

Tuesday 2nd August 2022


  1. Meeting open – 7.38pm


We acknowledge that Clarendon is located on the traditional country of the Kaurna people who have lived on this land for thousands of years; we hope to learn from this wealth of experience. We pay respect to the Elders, past, present, and emerging. We commit to reflecting on reconciliation and equity.


Attendances: Steph, Helen, Mia, Louise, Petrah, Mark

Apologies: Gavin, Trevor


Accept minutes from previous meeting Tuesday 5th July 2022

Mia approved the minutes, Petrah second and all accepted


Business arising from minutes

  • Hire of community spaces in Clarendon – Helen has spoken to Priah to find out if there is an easier way to manage this. After discussing this further Mark proposed that the key for the pavilion is returned to the General Store for collection when hired. He also proposed that supporting documents (insurance, maps, contact names) are held by the Onkaparinga Council and we continue to fill in applications and risk assessments for each event.

Louise second and all agreed


  1. Reports

2.1  Financial Reports – see attached

Helen presented reports, Mia accepted, Petrah seconded – all agreed

2.2  Community Centre & Op Shop – no report this month


  1. Correspondence


  • LCIS – insurance assessment feedback – see attached letter of recommendations

Discussed further in general business


  • Email to Michael Telford asking for quote to install smoke detectors at community hall


  1. General Business
  2. Cultural
    1. Welcome Signs & Aboriginal flag – nothing to further to discuss


  1. Safety

Community Led Emergency Resilience Working Group – feedback

Meeting again tomorrow night to wrap up the sessions and to delegate tasks. Mark will share this information at the next meeting.

Also discussed starting a social media page to encourage broader community support.  Mark will take this to the meeting.


  1. Community
    1. Community events
      • Community Dinner – 9th July 2022 – feedback. Great night, lots of new families attended, cold but the fire was great.  Thanks to Petrah and Patrick for hosting once again.

Reminder to reimburse Petrah for hire of toilet

  • Spring Fair – 16th October 2022 – events committee meeting soon
  • Christmas Carols – 18th December 2022
  1. Landscaping at the hall – update

David and Mike will begin work on Monday 8th August and will keep the interruption to the kindy to a minimal.

  1. Community Survey – Mark recommended that this be ready to distribute at the AGM. Petrah and Helen will continue to work on this and will share with the committee before printing or emailing
  2. Community Gardens – Have had their first subcommittee meeting with Louise Pickford, Anna Barkham, Sara Wiley, Jess Grey and Elisa Ridings. They are in the process of filling in the viability assessment that the Onkaparinga Council have online. Louise has also spoken to Priah. They are just at the beginning of this project and are starting to connect with different local groups to gain support and advice.
  3. Hall maintenance – Helen contacted Owen as there is a water leak on the back wall. Owen wondered if it was from possums living in the roof. We will continue to monitor.


  1. Any other business for discussion
    1. We are now back online for internet banking and Trevor has been added as a signatory
    2. Damage to walkway bridge near hall and on the oval – email from Phil. Helen will contact council about the bridge. Also discussed the damage to the oval that was shared on social media.  Put a note in the newsletter to be aware and call the police if there are any ongoing issues.

Petrah also spoke about how slippery the bridge to the community hall is.  Helen will contact council about this safety risk.

  1. Cooking Pilot – see attached report. Steph and Louise thanked the CCA for their support. The venue was disappointing. The kitchen needed cleaning and tidying up before starting and the facilities were not adequate to hold this event ongoing. Great feedback from the attendees.  Louise and Steph will look at alternative venues as they are keen to continue with this venture.
  2. Feedback on insurance assessment – recommend as important to install smoke detectors & monitored CCTV. Helen contacted Michael to get a quote to install smoke detectors but has not heard back. Will contact him again.

The committee were concerned about installing CCTV cameras in front of the kindergarten.  Helen will seek feedback from both the kindergarten and the Op Shop subcommittee before proceeding further.

  1. The financial reports have been completed and handed to Ryan to complete the end of financial year audit.
  2. AGM will be held in September
    1. Set date – 21st September 2022
    2. There will be two vacancies to fill on the Committee. Petrah is keen to gain broader community support for the CCA and will organise information to be shared on social media and in the newsletter. The committee discussed having on a social evening and providing food and drinks as part of the AGM.  Mia spoke about contacting people personally to ask for their support.  She also mentioned that she wonders if people in the community realise the Op Shop, newsletter and the local events are run by the CCA and suggested this needs to be shared more.
  3. Tennis Club news – they need to recruit as they are a small committee and need support to keep the club viable. Louise is hopeful that social tennis will encourage more people into the organisation. Louise is focussed on junior tennis and has some support. Louise will write an article for the newsletter.
  4. The meetings will be scheduled to start at 7pm from next month.


Meeting closed – 9.16pm