October 2019 Minutes


Wednesday 2nd October 2019

1. Opening:  7.57pm Community Hall

2. Present
Mark Ashenden, Helen Ashenden, Jane Tucker, Brad Pickford, Des Fowles, Petrah Harslett, Di Lamont, Lauren Bowden, Gayle Mills, Chris Coomber, Kookie Price.

Observers: Councillor Marion Themeliotis, Councillor Geoff Eaton, Priah Dean

3. Apologies:  Bill & Laurel Jared, Gavin & Lauren Fisher, Bianca Folber, Kate Townsend & David Clarke, Joan & Trevor Harslett, Pru Fowles, Nat Moody, Kirstie Kendrick & Michael Sexton, Louise Pickford, Lou McMaster

      (Acceptance of Minutes from previous meeting deferred to allow Councillors Themeliotis and Eaton to report)

4. Ward Councillors’ Reports

Cr Themeliotis
Report supplied prior.
Cr Themeliotis noted that the Master Plan is on track for completion in November with delivery expected in February ready for community consultation. 

      Cr Eaton
Cr Eaton reported he had been in contact again with the Blackwood Business Network on various issues. He also raised that there is movement via Cr Darren Kruse of Mitcham Council on boundary reform. While there was previously much discussion about moving suburbs to more relevant councils and consolidating split suburbs into one council, Cr Themeliotis noted that this discussion had quietened at council and any push for boundary reform was coming from external parties. Cr Eaton offered to invite Cr Kruse to present to the CCA if there was appetite from the members to hear more. It was agreed that having information was useful and the request was made for Cr Eaton to extend the invitation to Cr Kruse. The members also questioned if there might be alternative views to Cr Kruse’s; Cr Themeliotis confirmed that there are differing opinions amongst councils on the subject. It was agreed that balanced input is prudent and it was consequently requested of Cr Themeliotis that she provide the CCA with some alternative information.

      Cr Eaton along with Priah Dean further spoke of the Business Plan (Community Capacity). The council is trying to build resilience in communities so the onus is on communities to plan for and manage their own emergencies – economic, climate, natural disasters & climate change. The council is rolling out a series of workshops to engage and inform communities.  The CCA has been invited to attend a workshop on Community Emergency Preparedness with Red Cross on 16th October 2019 at the Kangarilla Community Hall.

Mark Ashenden will follow up and ensure the CCA is represented.

5.   Motion: Minutes of previous meeting held Wednesday 4th September 2019 accepted as a true record: Moved: Chris Coomber, 2nd Des Fowles, Carried.

6.   Treasurer’s Report:

      Tabled for September 2019.
Accepted as a true record: Moved: Helen Ashenden, 2nd Di Lamont, Carried.

7.   Hall Report:

      Tabled for September 2019.
Accepted as a true record: Moved: Des Fowles, 2nd Brad Pickford, Carried.
Helen reported that we have a quote from Owen to paint the toilets of $1080, using existing paint form the hall. All members agreed this seemed high and Helen is going back to Owen to ask for a breakdown in costs and the possibility of having this quote reduced.

8.   Correspondence

  • Vice President Petrah Harslett sent correspondence to CFS congratulating them on their 80th anniversary celebrations. 
  • Vice President Petrah Harslett sent correspondence to Viv Collins at Onkaparinga Council correcting details of the The Great Clarendon Discovery Trail and requesting appropriate accreditation and links to the CCA.

10. Subcommittee Reports:

Clarendon Community Initiative

Master Plan
Des reported that the CCI had met with Andy Smith and Geoff Norris to present the CCI’s extensive research and detailed work on how we would like to see a Master Plan developed. All points were embraced by Andy and Geoff with no red flags being raised. Des is hopeful that this is an indication that the CCA and council might finally be more closely aligned on a possible outcome. Brad and Des showed a scaled down version of the presentation to the CCA. Mark noted that there has been a lot of work over the last decade on this project and our cohesive approach demonstrates the community’s commitment to involvement and achieving a positive result in a Master Plan.

It was agreed that the scaled down presentation be sent to Andy Smith, Geoff Norris, Ward Councillors, the Mayor, CCA members and all other interested parties.

Kookie asked about stakeholder consultation by the council and said she had been contacted by Andy to meet this Friday regarding the new shed, for which they have received funding via Rebekah Sharkie. The plan for the new shed has been rejected by council on the grounds that the existing sheds are not currently in the Netball Lease. Kookie pointed out that the Netball Club does not actually have current lease. She reiterated the Netball Club’s desire to present a united front with the CCA. Mark offered to attend the meeting with Kookie and Andy, to which Kookie accepted.

Multi Media

Brad presented on several initiatives he has been working on to support communication within the CCA and wider community.


Slack is a free messaging tool designed for quick, easy messaging and simple team collaboration. The intent is for it to replace email, which can be difficult to follow in threads and challenging to search. Slack is available on desktop, Apple and Android devices. A Clarendon ‘Slack’ workplace has been set up and invitations will be sent to all members.

Google Drive
A free cloud storage service where we will file minute, branding assets, presentations. Members will be given access.

CCA website

To date, Brad has developed this on his own and is now at a place where input form other members would be helpful. Brad discussed a rough plan explaining the site will include:

  • CC News
  • CCA minutes
  • Visitor pages
  • Business Directory where local businesses can submit their own profiles
  • Hall booking forms
  • Community Calendar

Social Media
Brad outlined the plan for YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Di asked that the information be presented again next meeting when more members might be able to offer involvement.

Mark thanked Brad for the extensive work undertaken, research and for the professional presentation

11.  General Business 

  • Kindy
  • The Kindy has a working bee on the 12th October to finalise the Butterfly Garden. All welcome and encouraged to attend!
  • A reminder about the Spring Festival on the 19th of October.
  • This weekend kindergarten children will be selling picnic baskets for the Spring Festival and bulbs from the General Store, as part of their fundraising activities.

  • Community Connections Officer form Council

                 A reminder from Priah Dean that she is always available for help.

  • Local Crime reporting

Chris Coomber asked about local crime reporting noting that it may be useful for the CCA in understanding crime prevention through environmental design. SAPOL provide feedback to communities which could be shared on Clarendon Facebook pages and CCA meetings.  Chris will investigate further.

  • Tourism 
    Des highlighted that tourism is high on council’s agenda with a travelling roadshow and regional workshops being run in conjunction with the Tourism Industry Council of South Australia. Some members attended a workshop recently in McLaren Vale where it was evident that our area is well understood in terms of the wine industry but underrepresented in Heritage Tourism. Des advised that a survey is available for those who were unable to attend any of the workshops and that it will be closed for comment on the 7th October. It was agreed that the link to the workshop would be circulated to all members via the secretary as soon as possible.

Next meeting

Wednesday 6th November 2019 at 7.30pm

11. Meeting Closed        9.31 pm